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Best Travel Apps

Atualizado: 8 de abr. de 2021

Hello Traveller!

In this post I share some apps that have been great trough my trips worldwide!  Hope these tips can help you to save time, money and make the most of your travel!


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App to control, measure and view your trip expenses!  You can quickly and easily add new data and no internet connection is required.

You are able to see all the statistics of your expenses, and you can also filter all the data by period, country, coin, category, daily averages and more.

It is great to control credit card expenses and to watch your Budget status!


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If you are traveling with friends or with a group this app is a must have! You probably will share uber rides, rent a car with friends, share the gas, or even split restaurants bills.

Splitwise is the best way I found to split bills and track other shared expenses. It is free and simple to use.

You can create your own travel group in the app, add group’s members, and choose how each expense is split.

It is a fairy app as it facilitates the accountability and helps that everyone gets paid back by the end of the trip.



This app tracks flights information and provides airport’s activity. It is currently the largest flight tracking website/app in the world.

It helps to manage time and to not miss flight, as you can receive flights notification and verify if departures are on time or how long is the delay in each airport.



Hotel Tonight is a good app for those who are in a less planned travel and need to book a room at the last minute.

Hotels upload unsold rooms to the app to sell last-minute deals. The app already shows the day’s best-rates, and only work with places that are good to stay.

In one of my trips I booked a terrible hotel by mistake in a dangerous place in Canada, and I had to quickly find another hotel with a cheap rate in the middle of the night. Hotel Tonight was a life safer that night!! It is good to have this app downloaded for emergencies.


Google Trips is an app to help you plan and organize your trip. It gives you suggestion for things to do and places to go according to the period you are going to stay in the city that you are searching on.

I use this app specially when I haven’t searched about the city and need to find out quickly what are the most common activities and famous places. It is also good when you don’t have much time to spend in one place and need to priorize activities.



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You can find spots to visit and most visited places by tourist for example. You can also download some maps to use it offline.

When in a roadtrip it is nice to create your route based in tourist’s markers on the map.




Citymapper is a great transport app for cities. You can easily add your destination and find out which is the quickest and or cheapest way to go.

It shows you all the transport combination needed to get to destination (e.g. metro + bus + walk). You can compare rates and times to decide which is the best way to get in some place.

Another thing you can do while traveling is to verify if the city you are visiting has its own metro app. It is also good to have it, so you do not lose information (time or money).




You just request a ride and the closest available  car comes directly to you. When you hop in make sure to confirm the car plate and if the Uber driver matches with the information provided by the app.

Once you take the ride, the driver already knows where to go, and when you hop off, the ride is finished in the app and you be charged automatically in your credit card.

When in BIG Cities a cheapest, better and safer choice is to request the Uber pool.  This option will match your destination with other riders direction, so the Uber can be shared. Sometimes it can take a few more minutes to get in the destination, but is the most affordable way to go.


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Lyft is also a car ride app. I personally did not like my experiences with Lyft (drivers cancelled the ride or they take too long to the pick me up, the UX is not as good as Uber’s…)

Although is good to have the app downloaded while you travel, because in some places you won’t be able to call Uber.

The app is also good when you need to take a ride with a big party.



TripAdvisor is the best app for me to find out restaurants when I arrive in a new city or


The restaurants and hotels reviews often matches with reality (when it says it is good, it is good indeed). It helps me to don’t miss time and opportunity choosing wrong restaurants, as well it helps me to avoid bad, dirty or unsafe hotels/hostels.

* TripAdvisor recently bought Citymaps, a great app that provides social mapping experience. Until April 16, 2018 you can download Citymaps and check out restaurants and stores in a map. After this date, the app will be shutted down, so its technology can be integrated to TripAdvisor.



Yelp publish crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses (restaurants, nightlife, hair stylist, mechanics…).

 I trust tripadvisor content better, but Yelp it is a good backup app for reviews.



AROUND ME app identifies your location and shows the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Events, Restaurant, Supermarket…

 Nice app for emergencies..


If you have any other suggestion or must have apps to travel feel free to comment below!

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